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"Inheritance" and "Why Write Poems?" by Rebecca Agauas

"Inheritance" and "Why Write Poems?" by Rebecca Agauas


I was given my dads belongings from the assisted living home after he died.

In a large, black trash bag, I found the remnants of his life, my inheritance.

5 pairs of socks

5 pairs of underwear

2 black hoodies

2 black slacks

1 pair of blue jeans

1 pair of Nike sneakers

1 shaver

1 toothbrush

1 comb

1 pair of eyeglasses

1 audio book player

1 Manilla envelope, inside contained pictures of me.


"Why Write Poems?"

You ask me why do I write poems?

Why not I reply.

You ask me are any of the poems about me?

Of course they are I reply.

You ask do poems set your heart free?

The most certainly can I reply.

You ask can anyone write a poem?

Absolutely I reply.

You ask can I write a poem?

If you give it a try you can I reply.

You ask what should I write about?

Whatever is in your heart I reply.

You ask can I write about you and the love I have for you?

Please do, I’d like that very much I reply.


Rebecca Agauas is a 39 year old woman who lives in Michigan. She is a person living with chronic illnesses and is an advocate for the chronic illness community. Rebecca published her first book in 2022, The A, B, C’s and The X, Y, Z’s Of This Crazy Thing Called Life and her second book in 2023, Cardinals & Crows. She has written for several digital art & literature publications. You can find Rebecca on Instagram @rebeccaagauas.

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