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March 1 – March 30

June 1 – June 30

September 1 – September 30

December 1 – December 30



To Be Announced



1–3 poems

Each on their own page

Any kind

Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction


5,000 words or less

Only one at a time please


Thank you so much for your interest in Livina Press.

After having submitted to various literary magazines, you come to realize that the guidelines are there for the editors as much as they are there for you. Please read through all of the guidelines before submitting. Any sign that the guidelines were obviously not followed will result in your email being deleted, and no response will be given.

Please note that we are unable to pay contributors but hope to be able to soon.

General guidelines:

  1. You may submit to multiple categories, but.​ all work must be in the same .doc or .docx file
    **Note: if you are submitting an experimental form of poetry, please send the .doc/.docx file and a .pdf so I can make sure the form doesn't change when I go to read it​.

  2. Response time is 3-5 weeks. 

  3. You can submit multiple times within a submission window, but please wait for your first submission response before submitting again.

  4. Simultaneous submissions are accepted and absolutely encouraged. I just ask that you reply to the email you originally sent your work in and notify me that it has been accepted elsewhere (Congratulations!).

  5. Livina Press asks for first serial rights and archival rights. Rights convert back to the author after publication.

  6. In the future, if a piece that was first accepted through us is accepted elsewhere, I would ask that you please acknowledge Livina Press in your publication.

Hard guidelines:

  1. No use of slurs or derogatory phrases.

  2. No work that promotes or glorifies suicide, drug use, or contains excessive and unnecessary depictions of gore.

  3. If your work contains references or implications of suicide, self-harm, or assault, please include a warning at the beginning of your submission.

  4. Livina Press accepts everyone and will not tolerate hate towards any person or group based on race, religion, national origin, sex, handicap and family status.

How to submit:

  • Please email all submissions to

  • In the subject line, please format it as [Genre] Your Name - "Work Title"​​

    • If submitting multiple pieces in different categories, please format it as [Genre and Genre] Your Name - "Work Title," "Work Title," and "Work title"​

Examples of Subject Lines:

[Poetry] Laci Felker - "A Moment in Gray"​

[Poetry and Fiction] Laci Felker - "A Moment in Gray," "Under the Desert Sky"

  • In the body of your email, please include:

    • The name you would like to be known as and how you would like your name to appear in the magazine

    • Your short (75 words or less), third-person author bio

    • If there is anything you would like me to consider while reading your work (like the background for why you wrote something), but please keep it brief (100 words or less is ideal).

Expedited & Detailed Responses

If you would like a 48-hour response, please follow these guidelines:

$3 for an expedited poetry response​

$5 for an expedited fiction or creative non-fiction response for pieces 2,500 words or less

$10 for an expedited fiction or creative non-fiction response for pieces between 2,501-5,000 words

**Please Note: If you are submitting multiple works in different categories, you need to pay for each work you would like expedited (and those you would like an editorial response for), and you need to tell me what you're requesting in your email**

If you would like an expedited response and an editorial response for your piece, whether it is accepted or rejected, please follow these guidelines:

$6 for poetry (this includes the 48 hours response, line critiques, and at least a paragraph of my thoughts and comments)

$10 for fiction or creative non-fiction for 2,500 words or less (this includes the 48 hours response, line critiques, and at least a paragraph of my thoughts and comments)

$15 for fiction and creative non-fiction for 2,501-5,000 words (this includes the 48 hours response, line critiques, and at least a paragraph of my thoughts and comments)

**Please Note: Paying for an expedited and/or detailed response does not guarantee your work will be accepted**

Please remit payment through Venmo or PayPal

In the body of your email, please notify me that you've paid for either an expedited response or an expedited and an editorial response. I will email you back to let you know that I've received it. Once you receive that email, the 48 hour response period begins.

**Payments will go towards paying future contributors since I would like to be able to pay people for their work**

Blog Submissions

Our blog submissions are open year-round if you do not want to have something published in the issue but would still like to have something on the website. 

Following the submission guidelines above, you can submit anything you like, but I am particularly interested in other people's views on the writing process and what it's like. Whether it be starting to write, editing, or just pure frustration that you want to do the typey-type, but you can't get your fingers to listen. 

Either way, let me read it! Please email, and in your subject, write Blog - Your Name, and you may add a short (75 words or less) bio, and any social media handles you would like to share. 

You may also ask for editorial feedback for your blog post before posting, but please ask that you follow the guidelines I have listed above for that process. 

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