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The Livina Press Literary Magazine

There is so much to do in this life. Visit that one place you've always longed to visit, draw that image that has been bouncing around in your mind, tell the person you love how you feel, write that story that's jumping around in your head, going skydiving even though you're afraid of much that you would never be bored.

Livina Press is for the things you want to write about.


I've found that other literary magazines have narrow themes for people to write about, or they've been around long enough to where their description of what they want is so abstract that you might spend forever trying to figure out what they want exactly. It's a pain to decipher, to say the least. It also doesn't help when you love writing fiction, but many places don't want "genre fiction." This is why I decided to create my own literary magazine with such a broad subject that you can write about anything.

Have you been experiencing trouble with a friend? Finally wrote that one story idea that's been rolling around in your mind for a while? Getting frustrated at having writer's block? Fallen in love with someone, and you don't know if they love you back? Gone through a period of job searching?

Whatever it is, I want to read about it. 

Anything that comes to mind that you believe is worth writing about is something I want you to send in. It can be a diary entry, a fun story about you or a character you created, an amusing grocery list, little sticky notes you've written to yourself, art, or even a two-week notice for your boss. Anything that means something to you.

We are a print publication that publishes through Amazon quarterly, with one themed issue each year.

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