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Editorial Services

Editing can cover a wide rage of things, from developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, proofreading...everything from making sure the plot is solid to catching all of the pesky commas and periods that you may have otherwise missed. I still have nightmares from the time I used "plane" instead of "plain," and my goal is to make sure that I can help others not make the same mistakes that I have. In the end, no matter the publication, editing is vital.


Line Editing

Copy editing



Developmental Editing

is it is usually done either before or during the writing process. You can certainly do it after, but it’s better to know when something isn’t going to work early on (like a glaring plot-hole) rather than coming back and completely revising your story. Developmental editing focuses on the big picture, good work quality, market potential, and it gives you feedback for issues that could be fixed. It’s always useful!


Line Editing

Line editing is usually for after your book has the right structure and organization, and it allows the editor to jump in head-first and focus on word choice and whether each and every sentence is worth the space it takes up. It focuses on word choice, syntax, and tone to improve your voice as a writer and your text's overall impression.


Copy Editing

Copyediting is absolutely your best friend. It covers spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. One thing I’ve talked about before is becoming de-sensitized to your work—meaning, you stare at something for so long and it starts to lose meaning and you can’t tell if having five commas in a sentence is right or if it’s just slightly off. Copyediting takes all of that worry away from you!



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