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Crave help dear - By Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi

It's no crime to see with your heart, speak

With your hands till you have your words burnt

To rubbles by yourself, retaining it within you,

Your mouth in your heart. Crave help dear

Do you ever think it's normal as a teen to sleep and

wake up without feeling refreshed after having your

Eyes zipped to your brain for hours?!. Crave help, having zero

friends with a handful of foes leave the world imbalance

Smiling and sniffing in a tug of war to hold back tears,

Pains glued your tongue to your teeth do you think

That's typical? Falling off the peak of beautiful skyscrapers

Of desires, you built yourself from your last glimpse of joy,

Seeking refugee in a realm as lonely as you detest yourself

For that, Decorated with Whatsapp as the greens, the blue

skies of Facebook with a hundred and one followers on Insta

but still empty, trailed by a thousand and six "I love you"

"You're nothing"," worthless", "useless", " bestie", "fuck you"

You hide in your sixteen-year-old brain, so unfair I suppose?

Crave help dear. Do you think you're dying for some moment

You saw the heart as a sort of heaven then again it wasn't true?

Crave help from those you didn't see when you kicked yourself

Out of mother. You just need to sit, keep calm and trust will

Always find you. You need no miracle to smile and breathe to

What you love. Crawl to aid and I bet you find it running to you.


Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi is a Nigerian-based writer and a veterinary student at the University of Ibadan. He has been trying to pursue his enthusiasm for poetry by penning multiple samples. He has his works published/Forthcoming in Poet's choice, tectonic mag, and many more. He tweets from; @OladejoAFeranmi

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