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"her destiny" & "night and night" by Yuu Ikeda

Updated: Jan 14

"her destiny"

the past that she holds

overclouds the future that she believes.

a ray of hope is covered

by stormy ambivalence.

even the moonlight

can't illuminate her bloody tears.

even the night

can't cocoon her trembling fingers.

the past that she clings to

makes a high wall

in front of the future that she feels.

her hands never let the past go,

although her eyes are ready to let the past go.


"night and night"

your tears drip on my cheeks.

i know its warmth.

i know its intensity.

but your tears can't be touched.

in undulation of the indigo night,

your pieces melt with my breath.

i know its sharpness.

i know its vulnerability.


Yuu Ikeda is a Japan based poet.

She loves writing, reading novels,

western art, and sugary coffee.

She writes poetry on her website.

Her poetry collection

The Palette of Words,

Ode To The Moon,

and “Feelings Like The Sky,

are available now on Amazon and more.

Her Twitter and Instagram :


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