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"because" and "in answer to the question: what do you like to do for fun?" by Alexander Thomson


i started a sentence with because

just ‘cause i wanted to—

and that’s the boldest thing

i’ve ever done.

i like to live life

with one-inch margins,

sans serif

12-point font.

if i’m feeling frisky

i use comic sans.

you might call me boring

but i prefer to see myself

as homey…

i’m like mac n’ cheese

that comes from a box.

get your original,

home cooked recipe

outta here.

macaronis are supposed to be shaped

like animal characters;

the texture is way better

and you can fight me on that.

i like to sit in coffee shops

that look like a modern take

on grandma’s living room:

where the sofas and rugs

are nice and worn,

and the walls are white

and sterile, punctuated

with eclectic antiques.

i’ll have an iced black tea, please,

because i’m hardcore like that.

i find comfort in the familiar—

in looking out the window

and writing about all the things

i would never say to your face.

a ship at port is safe

but it is not what ships

are made for,

goes the saying.

i don’t feel like a ship;

i feel like the ocean:

i like to wave at ships

as they pass by.

if i create just enough turbulence,

they might look my way.


in answer to the question: what do you like to do for fun?

i’m sorry —

could you repeat that?

i didn’t catch what you said.

i couldn’t hear you over the sun

with it being over your shoulder like that

and, you know,

being so bright.

oh! —

for fun? —

like a hobby?

would it be possible

to take a rain check on that one?

i forgot to do my research

before coming here.

what about you?

(maybe i can slow my pulse

like a free diver

and resurface with something interesting to say.

gosh she has pretty earrings.)


i missed her answer.

i really wish the sun would stop

screaming at me like this.

it’s getting louder by the second.

Are you listening?


Alexander Thomson is currently a master's student studying clinical mental health counseling. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in psychology in 2019. His writing has previously appeared with Livina Press. Instagram: @ageckonamedecho

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